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Since June (I have an idea to open a Chinese bookstore online!), I have been working on building the online bilingual bookstore. I decided to call it an online “bilingual bookstore” rather than a “Chinese bookstore”, since I might add other language books and multimedia later, for an instance, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and etc.

I will begin with Chinese books and multimedia, since Chinese is the language I am the most familiar with and have the most knowledge about.

But even with one language, there are a lot of things to consider. I decided to start with Chinese books and multimedia for children, since currently I have an age-appropriate tester in my house.

Therefore, I put four categories under the bilingual bookstore: Learn Chinese, Chinese Story Books, Chinese Multimedia and Chinese References.

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The category Learn Chinese is divided by four age groups (more will be added later): Pre-K & Elementary, 1st – 5th Grade, Middle School and High School.

The category Chinese Story Books is divided by two sub-categories: Chinese Classics and Western Classics.

Chinese multimedia is the category for Chinese Song CDs, Chinese Storey CDs, Chinese Language DVDs, Chinese Cartoon DVDs, and Chinese Movie DVDs.

The last category, Chinese References, will sell Flashcards, Posters, Pictionaries and Dictionaries.

Due to the limited capital, not all categories will be filled in the beginning. More books and multimedia will be gradually added to each category, with the support from my readers!

The bookstore is supposed to be open on Monday, November 1 2010. My dear fellow-readers, welcome to shop with us during the grand-opening. With your support, more books for more languages will be available for parents who want to bring up babies bilingual. And I can continue to produce and develop more posts for the blog, including free Chinese language lessons.

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