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Since the grand opening of Best 4 Future bilingual bookstore, I have been thinking and looking for children’s books of other languages, such as French, Germany, Spanish, Japanese and etc.

The big question is: where can I find those books? Do I need to travel to those countries, for an instance, France, to purchase French children’s books and bring them back to the US?

With limited capital I have right now, it is straightly impossible.

“So I have to wait until I save enough money from the sales of Chinese children’s books”, I thought and sighed, putting the dream to the back of my mind.

Until one day, about one week ago, I received a comment for Best 4 Future blog.

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The comment was like this, “Dear Lina: My name is Maria Retana, a writer for bilingual children’s books (English/Spanish). I am creating an e-newsletter for teachers, parents, grandparents and educators in general. I wanted to know, since you have wonderful articles that I would love my subscribers to read, if I can have your link on my e-newsletter. Feel free to check my website to see what we are all about. Thank you and I hope we can work together some day.”

I looked at the name of the commenter. It was from Maria Retana, an author/presenter.

A writer for bilingual children’s books (English/Spanish)?!

Without a second thought, I immediately went to her website: I was greatly impressed.

Mrs. María Luisa Retana, the proud mother of three marvelous children and grandma of two, is the author of eight published bilingual children’s books, a literary presenter for students, teachers, librarians, and parents, and a believer that a book is a passport to any place or any period in time.

Born in Cuba, Mrs. María Retana received her B.A. in Spanish and Comparative Literature from the University of California, Riverside. She has worked extensively with children of all ages in scholastic and cultural events as well as in theater.

She often does school visits along with one of her illustrators, Pat Pollock Rhoads. On December 2008, Mrs. Retana received her first literacy award granted by the International Reading Association and the Cochise Area Council.

I went to see her published books. They look fun, entertaining and marvelous. And the best of all: they are bilingual (Spanish/English)!!

These bilingual children’s books are exactly what I have been searching for! And they came to me like magic!

I immediately replied to Mrs. Retana, “Hello, Maria: Yes, please feel free to put my link on your e-newsletter. It is my honor! Also, I went to your website. I love your bilingual books. I am just thinking to add Spanish/English books to my bilingual bookstore ( They are exactly what I am looking for!! I will email you about the details. Have a nice holiday!

To my greatest pleasure, Mrs. Retana replied within minutes. With back and forth of several emails, we both decided to partner together to sell Mrs. Retana’s bilingual children’s books on Best 4 Future bilingual bookstore.

How exciting to start the New Year with a partnership!! For booklover and avid children educator like me, this is by all means the best New Year gift!

So, here they are: Best 4 Future bilingual bookstore’s first Spanish/English bilingual children’s books.

Bilingual Book: Grandma’s Trunk/El baúl de Mamaíta (Spanish/English, Hardcover): The story is of the author’s relationship with her grandmother. This book is been used as therapy when dealing with grief and renewal. Its reading level is for ages 9-12. But the story is appropriate for any ages.

Bilingual Book: The Mystic Call/La llamada mística (Spanish/English, Hardcover): The story is a wonderful outdoor adventure story with graphics illustrations that will make you wonder and laugh. The recommended age of readling level for this book is 4-9 years old. But the story is loved by all ages.

Bilingual Book: Born into the Pack/Nacer en la manada (Spanish/English): It portraits the natural history of the Mexican Gray Wolf. It shows how a family of wolves raise their babies, teach them how to hunt and how to live in harmony with each other. It os recommended for children of 4-6 years old.

Bilingual Book: The Afternoon Snack / La Merienda (Spanish/English, Hardcover): It tells of an afternoon in the Cuban colonial town of Sancti Spiritus, the author’s birthplace. Here children enjoy friendship, laughter, and the sharing of their snacks. Storybook with pictures, recommended for children ages 6-12.

Bilingual Book: The Pig That is Not a Pig /El cerdo que no es cerdo (Spanish/English): In this book, the story author invites her readers to enter the world of the javelina by following them day and night in their natural habitat. Storybook with pictures, recommended for children ages 6-12. But this story has been used also as a bedtime story.

Bilingual Book: Tanili – An Afrocuban Folktale (Spanish/English, Hardcover): It is a magical story based on an Afrocuban folktale. The tale tells of how Domitila and her grandson, Tanili, use the enchanting song of a lizard to summon the neighbors to assist in the harvest of their cotton. Even the rich but reluctant Antonio cannot resist the charming influence of the lizard’s song.

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