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I have been thinking about this series for a long time. Every time when I read to my 5-year-old daughter and my 2-year-old twins their favorite books, I was thinking: why she loves this book so much? What influence this book will give to her life? Will this book help shape her personality and social behaviors, teach her a good habit, present her a certain attitude, bring her pleasure or other feelings, or simply fill in her time?

No matter what reason, I have been reading these books numerous times to them. They have been part of my children’s childhood memories. I want to file these books and record these memories. And if they appear interesting to you, I would like to share with you.

I am a Blue Cat, originally written in French with the French title Je suis un chat bleu by Anne Mirman and Eric Gasté, is one of my oldest daughter DD’s favorites. The first time when I read this 29-page chapter book to her, she just passed three. She listened to the whole story quietly till the end and gave no comment.

I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition) I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition)
I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition) Je suis un chat bleu (French edition)

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But I know she loves it, because I am still reading it to her these days (she is 5 and half now). In this book, there is a blue cat. Yes, right, a blue cat! Blue Cat thinks himself beautiful and feels proud of his color. But not everybody likes blue cats. Right after his birth, Blue Cat was kicked out by the farmer. Since then, Blue Cat has been desperately seeking a master who really loves him.

He went to big cities. He spotted a woman dressed in blue skirt, blue hat and blue gloves. He wished she would like him and take him as a pet. But she was scared and screamed at him.

He was taken home by a scientist who was only interested in doing research on him and publishing academic papers. Blut Cat was locked in a cage. He felt bored. Finally he escaped.

I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition) I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition)
I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition) I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition)

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Later, Blue Cat wondered many places, trying to survive, but still he couldn’t find a place to stay. He felt unappreciated and sad to be something unusual.

Then he went to England. By a chance, he met a girl with red curled hair like a fire. She invited Blue Cat to her home. There he was introduced to the most unusual family in the world: the mom is extremely short, while the dad is extraordinarily tall; the grandpa was dressing a skirt because he was a Scottish.

Blue Cat finally found a home, where he was not disgusted, scored, feared, used, and laughed at to be something different, but cherished, loved and taken care of to be something unique. He was so proud of being a blue cat!

I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition) I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition)
I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition) I Am a Blue Cat (Chinese Edition)

When I first read this story to my daughter, I was fascinated and immediately fell in love with this book. The story itself is so creative, full of imagination, and so interesting.  It shows children the hardships of life in a tender way with a touch of humor. It teaches children to believe in yourself without any lecturing. It leaves the opportunity of inspiration and apperception to children themselves.

I don’t know whether or not DD understand this story at her first reading. But I am sure she got something from this book from time to time. This book was designed for young children from pre-k to 3rd grade. However, it is an inspiring book for any person from any age group.

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