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In November 2010, I approached the local public library and expressed my interest to start a Chinese language seminar for children and parents who want to learn Chinese as a second language. I didn’t expect to receive the approval half a year later. Since I knew that I was pregnant with twins, I told the program manager that I would start the seminar in the summer 2012.

I have been teaching DD Chinese for three years, I have been making Chinese learning PPTs on my blog for two years, and I have the experience of teaching a big size class before.

But, still, the idea of developing my own class from scratch, finding appropriate books, songs, and nursing rhymes, creating games, finger-plays, or making coloring pictures, and actually running a weekly or bi-weekly class for a number of kids at different levels of Chinese language is overwhelming, especially I have to take care of two infants and one toddler by that time.

That was why I decided to start simple by offering Chinese language seminars, instead of a full-scale Chinese immersion class. The Chinese language seminarswill include lessons on the simplest single Chinese words for daily usage, phrases, and simple sentences.

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The target audiences are English-speaking families who are interested in having their kids hear some Chinese. The major language I plan to conduct the seminars is English, with Chinese words, phrases and sentences that need translations or explanations.

I am curious how many families are interested in coming to the Chinese language seminars and letting their kids learn Chinese. Depending on their feedback, I will have more sections in the library, host a Chinese story time in the library sometime down the road and eventually offer a full-scale Chinese immersion class for preschoolers and young children.

Sounds like a long-term plan! Currently, I am preparing for the D day of the twins. In the meantime, I’ll continue teaching DD Chinese, learning from other same-minded parents, gathering ideas, collecting teaching materials, figuring out the best formats for seminars and future story times, and of course working on my blog to record my exploration and journey to bring up baby bilingual.

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