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This week’s Chinese lesson on animals is how to say “dog”, “cat”, “horse” and etc in Chinese. Students learned the sentence pattern “There is….in my house” with all kinds of animals. We also talk about Chinese animal culture.

Chinese Pinyin English
Chinese word for home jiā family, home
Chinese word for "to have" yÇ’u to have, there is/are
Chinese word for dog gÇ’u dog
Chinese word for cat māo cat
Chinese word for horse mÇŽ horse
Chinese word for rabbitChinese word for rabbit tù zi rabbit
Chinese word for fish yú fish
Chinese word for fish shé snake
Chinese word for fish jī chicken
Chinese word for fishChinese word for fish mǔ jī hen
Chinese word for measure word tiáo measure word for pants and
long, thin objects
Chinese word for measure word zhī measure word for one of
certain paired things
and some animals
Chinese word for measure word pǐ measure word for horses

1. Online flashcards & tests: I created an account on and keyed in Chinese words, pinyin and their English translations to make a list of flashcards online. Please visit

It has more than 100 virtual flashcards, which has Chinese character on the front, pinyin and English on the back. You can flip the virtual card by clicking on “Click to flip”.

Also, you can make good use of other tools like and

2. YouTube Videos on animals

4. Homework. This week’s homework is easy! Click here to download the homework1 to practice at home.

Do you have any resources on animals in Chinese?
Feel free to share with us!

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