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This week’s Chinese lesson on drink is how to say “milk”, “water”, “tea” and etc in Chinese. We also talk about Chinese tea culture.

Chinese Pinyin English
Chinese lesson on drink hē to drink
Chinese lesson on drink: JuiceChinese lesson on drink: Juice guǒ zhī juice
Chinese lesson on drink: Coke or PepsChinese lesson on drink: Coke or Peps kě lè Coke
or Peps
Chinese lesson on drink: Water shuǐ water
Chinese lesson on drink: Tea chá tea
Chinese lesson on drink: MilkChinese lesson on drink: Milk niú nǎi milk
Chinese lesson on drink: CoffeeChinese lesson on drink: Coffee kā fēi coffee


1. Online flashcards & tests: I created an account on and keyed in Chinese words, pinyin and their English translations to make a list of flashcards online. Please visit

It now has 59 virtual flashcards, which has Chinese character on the front, pinyin and English on the back. You can flip the virtual card by clicking on “Click to flip”.

Also, you can make good use of other tools like and


2. Video. These two YouTube video cover most of Chinese words on drink we just learned.

3. Video on Chinese tea culture:

Tea in China has thousands of years’ history, and there has formed a unique tea culture in this country. Tea sets, as an inseparable part of the tea culture, have been accompanying the custom of tea-drinking ever since the very beginning.

There are different kinds of tea and methods for drinking tea, with a rich variety of tea sets to go with them.

If you travel to China, be sure to pay a visit to a teahouse, where you can appreciate the talking and singing performances of the Chinese artists. Here one can drink tea while gaining a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture.

4. Homework
. This week’s homework is easy! Click here to download the homework1 to practice at home.

Do you have any resources on drink in Chinese?
Feel free to share with us!

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