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This week’s Chinese lesson on food is how to say “dumplings”, “steamed buns”, “noodles” and etc in Chinese. We also talk about Chinese food culture.

Chinese Pinyin English
Chinese word for Eat chī to eat
Chinese lesson on food: DumplingsChinese lesson on food: Dumplings JiÇŽo zi dumpling
Chinese lesson on food: Stuffed Steamed BunsChinese lesson on food: Stuffed Steamed Buns bāo zi stuffed steamed buns
Chinese lesson on food: NoodlesChinese lesson on food: Noodles miàn tiáo noodles
Chinese lesson on food: Spring RollsChinese lesson on food: Spring Rolls chūn juǎn spring rolls
Chinese lesson on food: Stir-fried RiceChinese lesson on food: Stir-fried Rice chǎo fàn stir-fried rice
Chinese lesson on food: Stir-fried NoodlesChinese lesson on food: Stir-fried Noodles chǎo miàn coffee
Chinese lesson on food: Stir-fried DishesChinese lesson on food: Stir-fried Dishes chăo cài stir-fried dishes
Chinese lesson on food: BreadChinese lesson on food: Bread miàn bāo bread
Chinese word for DeliciousChinese word for Delicious hǎo chī delicious


1. Online flashcards & tests: I created an account on and keyed in Chinese words, pinyin and their English translations to make a list of flashcards online. Please visit

It has more than 80 virtual flashcards, which has Chinese character on the front, pinyin and English on the back. You can flip the virtual card by clicking on “Click to flip”.

Also, you can make good use of other tools like and


2. Video.
These two YouTube video cover most of Chinese words on food we just learned.

3. Video on Chinese food culture:
China cuisine culture also called Chinese food culture is an important part of China culture in the aspect of cooking and leisure. Chinese cuisine culture goes sophisticated as the history of China goes.

4. Homework. This week’s homework is easy! Click here to download the homework13-1 to practice at home.

Do you have any resources on food in Chinese?
Feel free to share with us!


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