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This week’s Chinese lesson is created by myself without the guidance of the textbook. I was thinking since we learned “qing” (please) in Chinese last week, why don’t take this opportunity to teach students the full list of basic manner words?

Every society has its own code of rules about what constitutes good manners. The rules reflect the society’s ideas on how people should interact with others to show respect, courtesy, condolences, and consideration of one another. Although the rules may change with the variance of time, locations, and culture. the most basic and common words always include the following seven magic words: please, hello, goodbye, I am sorry, no problem, thank you and you are welcome.
Chinese lesson on manner wordsChinese lesson on manner words
Chinese lesson on manner wordsChinese lesson on manner wordsChinese lesson on manner words
Chinese lesson on manner words
Mandarin Chinese for "You are Welcome"
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1. Video. These two YouTube video doesn’t cover all the manner words, but still talks about some.

2. Video.
These YouTube video teaches manner words via a children’s song. How amazing a short childer’s song can cover so many terms.

3. Online flashcards & tests:
I created an account on and keyed in Chinese words, pinyin and their English translations to make a list of flashcards online.

Please visit It now has 43 virtual flashcards, which has Chinese character on the front, pinyin and English on the back. You can flip the virtual card by clicking on “Click to flip”.

Also, you can make good use of other tools like and

4.Homework. This week’s homework is easy! Click here to download the homework10-3 to practice at home.

Do you have any resources on manner words in Chinese?
Feel free to share with us!

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