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Yesterday’s lesson was about counting numbers from 1 to 10 in Chinese. I was amazed to find out most students actually know how to do that. They not only know how to say the numbers in Chinese, but also know how to write them. Some kept saying “as easy as a pie”.

Fortunately, I prepared a number of my favorite “Qiaohu” shows on numbers for the class, so that my students didn’t get bored. These shows relate numbers with all kinds of objects based on the outlook or shapes of the numbers. They also teach students new vocabulary via songs and movements.

After watching the shows 3-4 times in class, some students could remember how to say those objects in Chinese, making it a great example of learning language via music (see Music is a great way to learn languages, for children and adults).

The following are the basic vocabulary for Lesson Three.

Chinese English
Chinese lesson on numbers: Yi One
Chinese lesson on numbers: Er Two
Chinese lesson on numbers: San Three
Chinese lesson on numbers: Si Four
Chinese lesson on numbers: Wu Five
Chinese lesson on numbers: Liu Six
Chinese lesson on numbers: Qi Seven
Chinese lesson on numbers: Ba Eight
Chinese lesson on numbers: Jiu Nine
Chinese lesson on numbers: Shi Ten

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1. Youtube Videos on numbers. Both are for the number 1-5 from “Qiaohu” shows. Several students remembered the names of those objects after watching the shows 3-4 times. Impressive!

I cannot find Qiaohu shows on 6-10 on YouTube. This one is for numbers from 1-10. The Chinese object for the number 10 is the most difficult, since it is described by a sentence.

2. Youtube Videos on numbers in Chinese sign language. Check it out!

3. Youtube Videos on Mid-Autumn Festival. Since last Thursday was the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. I spent one class talking about this important Chinese festival, connecting students with the culture where the language comes from.

You can visit The traditional Chinese festival series: Mid-Autumn Festival for a more detailed introduction on the legend of Hou Yi and Chang E.

4. Youtube Videos on the Great Wall in China. The Great Wall, one of the greatest architectural achievements in the history of human civilization, was built more than two thousand years ago.

The Great Wall is the longest construction in the world, stretching as long as about 10,000 li. If we built a wall one meter in width and five meters in height with the bricks and stones from the Great Wall, we would have a wall even longer the equator!

Built along the mountain range, the Great Wall was used for military defense in ancient times. But today, it has lost its military function and has become the monument of the ancient Chinese civilization and the symbol of Chinese traditional spirit.

5. Homework.  Click here to download homework3-1. It is “as easy as a pie”, isn’t it?

Do you have any good resources on counting numbers in Chinese? Feel free to share with us!

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