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I am way behind this year in writing posts for this blog, which was created with the pregnancy with my first child. The good news is that I am not way behind in parenting my children in learning Chinese.

DD, now close to five, can have a pretty complete dialogue with me in Chinese; she can sing simple nursery rhythms and children’s songs in Chinese (like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Only Mom is the Best in the World); she can identify several Chinese characters, like da(big), xiao(small), shang(up), xia(dow) and etc. She can even teach daddy some Chinese expressions, like nihao(hello),  zai jian(good bye), dui bu qi(sorry), and mei guan xi(you are welcome).

Chinese for HelloChinese for GoodbyeChinese for SorryChinese for "No Problem"

I know this may appear nothing to be bragged compared to other children who has one or two Chinese parents. But considering the fact that I was quite distracted because of the birth of her twin sisters, I don’t feel too bad.

The twins, now close to 20 months, understand most Chinese. When I told them “let’s go bye bye”, two of them bought me their shoes. Baby A can count numbers from 1-6 in Chinese! Baby B can say some simple Chinese works like xie xie(thank you), hao(yes) and etc.

Chinese for Thankyou

My plan to DD is I will continue to teach her more Chinese characters. I also plan to send her to Chinese school every Sunday which creates a Chinese immersion environment for her. She will continue her Chinese dancing class. Hopefully, by the end of this year, she can read simple Chinese books.

For twins, I will continue to expose as much as possible to Chinese. I have tons of Chinese children’s books, Chinese song CDs, Chinese story CDs, Easy-Read Chinese talking pens and audiobooks, Chinese carton DVDs and Chinese movie DVDs to create a language-rich environment (see How to help babies acquire languages? (Method 2)).

I always play Chinese children’s songs and nursery rhymes as background music as they play. And I do the same thing when they ride with me in the car. I let them watch “Qiaohu” DVD and sings the same songs and nursery rhymes to enforce their memory.

Anyway, I might still lag behind in posting but I will do my best to improve my Chinese parenting.

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