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Since my childhood, watching CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala with the family on New Year’s Eve has become a tradition. Actually, it has become an ingrained tradition not only for my family, but for millions of Chinese families. The viewership of this live-broadcasted variety show has been growing significantly over the years, making it  “the most watched television program in the world”.  The latest 2014 edition of the Gala drew an estimated 800 million viewers worldwide.

Last Friday, January 31, I watched this year’s gala via the Internet since I couldn’t get up at 6:00 am to catch the beginning of the program, which began at 8:00PM Beijing Time. My oldest daughter was in school. Her twin sisters joined in me now and then when beautiful singing and music caught their attention.

I hope in the near future I will bring them back to China and enjoy the performance with my parents, a typical situation involving a large 3-generation family gathered in front of their TV set while making dumplings for the first New Year’s meal. That will be nice!!

These are my favorite shows in CCTV’s 2014 Spring Festival Gala:

No. 1: The most original and creative show in the whole gala. Impressive and incredible! LOVE IT!

No. 2:
A breath-taking acrobatic performance. Absolutely beautiful and talented!

No. 3:
A stunningly wonderful product of teamwork!

No. 4:
A perfect combination of classic music, beautiful ancient-style words and amazing voice. I was deeply touched by this song.

No. 5:
A typical Chinese folk song by Chinese folk singers. Simple and authentic.

 What are your favorite shows in
CCTV’s 2014 Spring Festival Gala?

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