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Now you know How to say eyes, ears, nose and mouth in Chinese?, do you want to learn how to say shoulder, arm, elbow and hand in Chinese?

That is today’s lesson.

Before we start, let’s review some amazing facts about our body.

Shoulder: The muscles and joints of the shoulder allow it to move through a remarkable range of motion, making it the most mobile joint in the human body.

Arm: The human arm contains 30 bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Many of these muscles are used for everyday tasks.

Elbow: The elbow is the region surrounding the elbow-joint the ginglymus or hinge joint in the middle of the arm. Three bones form the elbow joint: the humerus of the upper arm, and the paired radius and ulna of the forearm. It’s physically impossible for you to lick your elbow (can you? try it yourself!).

Hand: Human hand is more complex and delicate than that of comparable organs in any other animals. Without this extra articulation, we would not be able to operate a wide variety of tools and devices. The hand can also form a fist, for example in combat, or as a gesture.

Are you amazed by your body? Let get started to learn how to say them in Chinese.





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Watch PPT presentation for the complete lesson. Due to the size of the program, content in the frame below may display blank. Simply refresh the current webpage or press F5 on your keyboard for the refresh function. (Please enable your computer audio and increase the speaker volume. You can hear the words when they are spoken and follow the sound track):

Click here to see the whole screen PPT presentation.

Or you can view the presentation in an interactive mode: Chinese Learning for Babies (Lesson 2-Amazing Body): How to say shoulder, arm, elbow and hand in Chinese?

What do you think? Drop me your comments, ideas, suggestions or complains here, so that I can keep improving this program. I hope you and your baby like the series and continue learning Chinese week by week, month by month, year by year.

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