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“Happy New Year!” I said to DD and M, as I just opened my eyes on the first morning of 2009.

“How would I say ‘happy new year’ in Chinese?” M asked.

“Xinnian Hao.” I said.

“Xinnian Hao.” He repeated, trying to get the vowels and consonants right.

“Beginning 2009, I want to teach DD to speak Chinese, so we can say ‘xinnian hao’ to each other in the future.” I said.

“I want to learn Chinese too.” After a while, he added, “and I bet Grandma wants to learn it too.”

“That will be a little problem.” I said, “learning a language requires daily practice.”

“You have a website, a blog. How about you put online the Chinese word you teach DD and Grandma can learn it from your blog?”


If I put the Chinese lessons online, not only Grandma but also people in the world who want to learn Chinese can benefit from it. I am going to teach DD anyway, why not help others too?

It is a new plan for the New Year!

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And the timing is just right! Since DD is just beginning to practice babbling and not completely ready to talk, the class can start with the simplest Chinese words needed for daily usage.

And to you, my dear fellow parents, stick with me as I will show you ways to help your baby learn Chinese step by step. You can also learn Chinese together with your baby, as M will do together with DD.

For any person who does not have a child but still wants to learn Chinese (like Grandma), this blog will benefit you as well. Do not feel intimidated. The Chinese language will start out very easy for my daughter DD who is only six months old.

Here is my new year’s wish: I wish everybody, in 2009, has one or more new plans, new opportunities, new beginnings, new friends, new faces, new looks, new savings, new values, new traditions, new memories, and new lives.


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