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It is a common sense that parents are a child’s first teachers. They teach child the basic skills (walk, talk, self-control) and knowledge they need to survive in this world. But do you know parents are also child’s life-time teahers? The way parents treat their baby during the early stage of his life influces the child throughout his whole life.

In his paper Brain Child, Dr. Mark R. Pitzer, a post-doctoral neuroscientist of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago, suggests that a child’s intellectual development is influenced equally by their inherited genetic blueprint and the early immediate environment.

While a child’s early environment, according to Dr. Pitzer, is largely controlled by its parents, through both direct interactions with the child and their decisions about the child’s surroundings. Therefore, parents play a critical role in their child’s intellectual growth.

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In her book [ad name=”co-3″], Heidi Murkoff also points out that parents are the greatest influence during a child’s early age. The kind of a care a child receives during that time, no matter it is physical touch (touching, cuddling, or hugging) or communication (talking, singing, making eye contact, or cooing to the baby) or satisfying his/her basic needs (fed when hungry, changed when wet, held when frightened), determines to a large extent how successful, how content, how confident, and how competent to handle life’s challenges that child will be.

I never imaged being a parent can be this important. I am glad to find it out before I make any mistake.

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