Baby training, month 14

As the old saying goes, walk by one and talk by two. At month 14, DD was already a confident walker and professional stairs-climber. As before, she began to figure ways to improve her speed or just wanted to try something different. We watched her explorations with great interests and threw in our two cents when needed.

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Baby training, month 13

Walking, the most challenging large motor skill, seemed to be an easy milestone for DD. Within one month, she could manage to walk by herself with no support or help. Walking enabled her more mobility and freedom. It also helps build confidence and independence. Her baby training this month concentrated on walking practice, but also included language training and cognitive cultivation.

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Baby training, month 12

Life seemed speed up for DD. After she learned to crawl, within two months, she mastered a series of large motor skills from crawling, pulling herself up to a standing position, climbing upstairs and downstairs, cruising, to the most challenging one—walking. This month’s baby training offered her exercise and practice she needed for standing alone momentarily and, eventually, putting one foot in front of the other.

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Baby training, month 10

At 10 month, DD continually scrambled out of sight. Nothing made her happier than discovering hidden pots and pans inside drawlers, unloading clean knives and forks from the dishwasher, taking a peek inside the mysterious refrigerator, tearing Daddy’s favorite painting which used to be out of her reach, or dropping a spoon from the highchair over and over again. And if I was not stifling the urge to say “no!”, I would find myself stuck in her tossing or dropping game. Yes, at this age, it looked more like DD was training me rather than the opposite way.

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Baby training, month 9

Most 9-month-old babies are confident crawlers and continue making major gains in development. DD was no exception. She moved swiftly to the next step and began practicing pulling herself up and even cruising. Although interrupted by her one-week sickness, her baby training this month still helped exercise her muscle and brain to reach the next milestone.

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Baby training, month 8

Most eight-month-old babies are busy babies. So was DD. She was busy practicing creeping and crawling, busy learning the names and benefit of her every day food, busy exploring the specific functions of her surrounding world, busy mastering the dexterity of her chubby little fingers and hands, and busy excising her muscle for the next breakthrough. Her baby training in this month helped her busy in achieving all these goals.

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