Chinese Tang poem: Ode to the Goose

Ode to the Goose is a masterpiece of Tang Dynasty poet Luo binwang at the age of seven. It descriped a beautiful white goose with red webbed feet paddling on clear green stream. Its “curved neck” connects the blue sky and green water. Very colorful!

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Chinese Tang poem: Spring Morning

Chinese poetry is a most highly regarded literary genre in Chinese classical literature. In ancient China, poetry-writing was a favorite pastime for all educated men or women, for it was the genre which, sanctioned by tradition, to express the emotions of themselves.

Therefore, Chinese poets and artists concentrate heavily on history of humanity, the beauties of nature and landscape, love, friendship, courtship and marriage, and even everyday trials.

Here is a famous Chinese poem Spring Morning by Meng Haoran of Tang Dynasty. Learn this poem via our vidoe and mp3.

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