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DD’s birth story, Part 3

Day 3 Close to midnight, I suddenly felt waves of pain on a small spot of my lower tummy. They came and left like contractions. I informed the nurse about this situation. “The medication mustn’t reach that area, so you feel the pain of contractions there.” The nurse said, “Is it bothering you a lot?” […]

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DD’s birth story, Part 2

Day 2 To begin the induction, at 8 PM of day 1, the nurse put a prostaglandin gel on my cervix to make it ripen (soften and open). At 4 AM the next morning (day 2), the nurse came in and woke me up. I took a shower. At 5 AM, the pitocin was administered […]

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DD’s birth story, Part 1

Today when I sat in front of the computer, trying to recall every detail about the labor, I have to say giving birth to my daughter DD was one of the most miraculous and surreal experiences of my life. Although with time flying, a lot of memories faded, the incredulous and awesome feeling of giving […]

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