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This year’s special Christmas

Christmas is at the corner. But this year, I am cutting corners in Christmas preparing, because it was a special Christmas.

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Birth education class

Last Saturday M and I attended an express birth education class sponsored by the hospital I am goging to deliver. This 7-hour class covered topics like introduction to labor, coping with labor, challenging labors, assisted and cesarean birth, and a tour of the hospital and maternity units. During the coping with labor section, the nurse […]

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Gaining too much weight

During yesterday’s pregnancy routine visit, the doctor gave me a warning. He told me, although my blood pressure was acceptable (122/80), and there was so protein in the urine, he found I had gained too much weight (40 pounds already). Besides, there was a trace of suger showing in my urine. Even I passed the […]

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Fetal hiccups

What is fetal hiccups? How come baby has hiccups inside the tummy since there is no air there? Here are the answers I found.

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Baby vaccination

To vaccinate, or not vaccinate, that is the question. Days ago, M gave me an assignment: check the pros and cons of baby vaccination. He heard plenty of negative information, such as potential risks and side effects, of vaccine. He wants to have a balanced look about this topic and make an educated decision. I […]

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