PIH finally got improved!

Yesterday’s doctor visit gave me a good report. My blood pressure was 120/80, and there was no protein in the urine. All meant my PIH (Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension, preeclampsia, also called toxemia) had improved!

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PIH was not improved…

Yesterday I went back the doctor office for my pregnancy checkup. This time, my blood pressure was 160/72, such a high number that both the nurse and I were surprised. Therefore, she asked me to lie down on my left side and rest. In 10 minutes, she would check my blood pressure again.

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PIH? Oh, no!!

Yesterday’s routine pregnancy check brought me bad news again! Twice in a row, my blood pressure was found out to be 140/90. At the same time, there were swelling of hands and feet, sudden excessive weight gain and trace of protein in the urine. All of these signs indicated that I might have a mild […]

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