Children are treasures to parents

On November 28, 2007, we were invited to Dale & Piriya’s wedding. Dale is a kind, handsome Caucasian man, always with smile on his face. Piriya is a beautiful, shy woman from Thailand. Since she works in a Thai restaurant, the food on the wedding was undoubtedly Thai food.

Before we went, M (my husband, referred as “daddy”, “M”, “the little thing’s daddy” since we don’t know the baby’s sex yet, and etc) and I were little bit worried: Piriya said they would cook the food as typical Thailand style.

Oh, my goodness! I know how authentic Thai food tastes like!

M and I were prepared to have a bowl of cereal when we came back home…

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My second doctor visit

On November 8, 2007, one week after I first knew my pregnancy, I came back to see the doctor. This time, I saw my little thing a little bit clearer than last time. It looked like a little chicken, with very vague shape of body and head (with my guessing). The doctor could identify his/her […]

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To my unborn angel…

Today, Best4Future Blog is finally ready! This blog is dedicated to my unborn child (boy or daughter unknown yet), who will come to this world near June 2008.

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