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I bought DD a full set of T’choupi books when she was age 2. At that time, every day I read T’choupi’s lovely stories to DD repeatedly. Sometime I read the same book 20 times a day. Those days I could recite the full content of a T’choupi book just by looking at its cover (see T’choupi came to China).

Tchoupi Life Stories (Chinese Edition) Tchoupi Magical Picture Books (Chinese Edition)

Then, I was pregnant with twins and had been busy with nursing the newborns. Two years have passed by. One day, I asked DD to dig some Chinese books out of her huge collection of Chinese books.

To my surprise, she gave me several T’choupi books. I sat down beside her and read to her. She listened and enjoyed them. The next day, I read some other Chinese books to her. But she still let me read T’choupi books to her in the end. It was just like before. Her love to T’choupi books didn’t fade with the time. Why?

 T'choupi Brings Mom a Surprise (Chinese Edition)  T'choupi Gets Lost in the Supermarket (Chinese Edition)

[ad name=”ad-2″] I looked at these T’choupi books. First of all, the stories are full of truth and fun. The stories are about a 3-year-old-boy who looks like a penguin named T’choupi. Just a like a typical 3-year-old, T’choupi takes a bath, rides a bicycle, loves rain, and wants to do everything alone. He can be angry, greedy, sick, and misbehave. He does all the good and bad things as a little one, and DD can relate herself to him.

Secondly, the text is easy. The wording is direct and plain. The sentences are simple and short. The stories are easy to catch and memorize. The books are no brainers to any child from 2-5. Thirdly, the illustrations accompany well with the style of the content. It is succinct but cute.  I guess sometimes children’s books don’t have to catch kids’ attention with busy images.

 T’choupi book series

Next, the morale behind these books is presented with humor and tender. For example, one book named “T’choupi is greedy” tells a story that T’choupi’s eyes are bigger than his tummy. In this story, mommy tells T’choupi to reserve his tummy for dinner since they are going to eat supper earlier. But he cannot resist the temptation to want to “have a little bit”. After “having a little bit” of cake, butter, chocolate, and candy, he cannot eat his favorite chicken and French fries for supper any more.

Plus, he has a stomachache before going to bed since he eats too much. I reminds DD of T’choupi’s lesson when she wants to eat too much snacks before the dinner. “You don’t want to have a stomachache like T’choupi, do you?” And she will quit asking.

 T'choupi Rides a Bicycle (Chinese Edition)  T'choupi Returns to School (Chinese Edition)

Finally, the series T’choupi’s Magical Picture Books has a big puzzle map close to the end of each book, which summarizes all the previous chapters. The map allows children to observe the book from different angles. It adds more fun into reading and makes reading more enjoyable!

Obviously, DD was not alone, since T’choupi collection was translated into more than 20 languages and had generated sales of over 40 million copies. Again, it is proved that children are the best judges on children’s book. And the best children’s books have a lasting attraction.

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