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I just added 8 bilingual books (each book contains a bilingual CD) onto my bookstore. And I am happy to recommend these the best bilingual book series to you.

Each bilingual book and bilingual CD set features an excellent selection of 6-10 lovely and fun children’s stories perfect for babies and young children, like Who Is Really the Good Child, The Race between the Tortoise and a Rabbit, The Golden Moon, Weight Lifting, The Impolite Piglet, The Little Cat on the Handkerchief, The Willow and the Jujube, A Fox and the Goat, The Red House that Moved Away, The Song of the Toad, The Octopus Magician, and etc.

The English part is excellent as well, since it is edited by a native English-speaker. The accompanying appealing and colorful cartoons help engage young children and compliment the text.

 The best bilingual book series The best bilingual book series

In the CD, the stories are read in Chinese by famous Chinese children’s program hosts, and thenthey are read again in English by Charlotte Maclnnis, who is from the US. The stories are accompanied by music and songs.

Children can enjoy reading the books, and listening to the CDs at home, in the car, or via a portable CD player, making them a wonderful tool to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture.

So far this series of bilingual books with bilingual CDs is the best bilingual book series I have for my bookstore so far. The quality is excellent! I bought a whole set for my daughter DD.

The best bilingual book series The best bilingual book series

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