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Children Learn Chinese Poems (1 Book + 1 CD + 1 Set of Flashcards)


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This set of book and CDs features an excellent selection of 25 lovely tang poems that are beautiful and suitable for young children of age 3-8 to learn. The poems are also accompanied by music and songs.

Children can enjoy reading the book and listening to the CDs at home, in the car, or via a portable CD player, making them a wonderful tool to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture.





01 江南 汉乐府
02 敕勒歌 北朝民歌
03 咏鹅 (唐)骆宾王
04 风 (唐)李峤
05 咏柳 (唐)贺知章
06 凉州词 (唐)王之涣
07 登鹳雀楼 (唐)王之涣
08 春晓 (唐)孟浩然
09 凉卅词 (唐)王翰
10 出塞 (唐)王昌龄
11 芙蓉楼送辛渐 (唐)王昌龄
12 鹿柴 (唐)王维
13 送元二使安西 (唐)王维
14 九月九日忆山东兄弟 (唐)王维
15 静夜思 (唐)李白
16 古朗月行(节选) (唐)李白
17 望庐山瀑布 (唐)李白
18 赠汪伦 (唐)李白
19 黄鹤楼送孟浩然之广陵 (唐)李白
20 早发白帝城 (唐)李白
21 望天门山 (唐)李白
22 别董大 (唐)高适
23 绝句 (唐)杜甫
24 春夜喜雨 (唐)杜甫
25 绝句 (唐)杜甫

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