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Bilingual DVD: Pocoyo (Chinese/English, 5 DVDs)

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Pocoyo is a pre-school animated television series. Two series have been produced, each consisting of 52 seven-minute episodes.

Set in a 3D space, with a plain white background and usually no backdrops, Pocoyo is about a young boy dressed in blue, who is full of curiosity. Viewers are encouraged to recognize situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him. The narrator usually speaks explicitly to the viewers and to the characters as well. Each character has its own distinctive dance and also a specific sound (usually from a musical instrument), and most episodes end with the characters dancing. Many episodes also involve parties.

In June 2006, Pocoyo was awarded the Crystal Award for the "Best TV Production" at the 30th Annecy International Animated Film Festival. 

This DVD includes the episodes of 28-52. 
Now your child and you can enjoy share Pocoyo's joy and silliness in two languages (Mandarin Chinese and English) and with concealed subtitles in simplified Chinese and English. All the menu options are in English and Chinese. 

适合1-5岁幼儿,最佳欧洲动画、学前教育奖(Cartoons on the Bay,意大利),学龄前儿童最佳动画大奖(BAFTA,英国)。

《小P优优》是一部健康、快乐、纯净的益智教育类动画片。Pocoyo的成长故事,就是每一个孩子的成长故事。片中通过一系列生动有趣的故事,让可爱的小男孩优优和他的小伙伴们——大象艾丽、小狗鲁拉、鸭子巴托和瞌睡鸟,带领小朋友们愉快地了解身边的世界,学会关爱周围的一切,进行爱与知识的教育,充分反映了幼儿教育的核心价值:“在欢笑中学习”。也使得Pocoyo 成为最近在欧美、澳大利亚、东南亚等地迅速窜红的可爱的卡通形象。







瞌睡鸟(SLEEPY BIRD):她的名字代表了一切,真的是一只非常,非常贪睡的鸟儿,只有在闹钟响得要关掉的时候才会起床。

Please note: This DVD set is region-free and is supposed to work with most DVD players in the world. But there are some very rare possibilities that your DVD player (some Japanese-brand DVD players) are not compatible with the DVDs.

It is your own responsibility to figure out whether your DVD player is compatible with these DVDs or not. Absolutely no return and no refund for opened DVDs.

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Bilingual DVD: Pocoyo (Chinese/English, 5 DVDs)
Bilingual DVD: Pocoyo (Chinese/English, 5 DVDs)
Sale: $53.99
Save: 10% off

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