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Chinese DVD: Qiaohu Classic Collection II (Age 5-6, 4 DVDs)

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This set of Qiaohu Classic Collection is designed especially for young children of age 4-5. It focuses on instructing children’s self-observing and understanding of the Mother Nature and our society, coaching them proper manners and courtesy, and unleashing their potential. This series of Chinese-language DVD shows is anchored by live hosts and a lovely cartoon character Qiaohu (Smart Tiger) in costume.

Although its major theme is to teach children morals, Qiaohu series is a wonderful tool to teach children Chinese language. In the show, Qiaohu leads kids to naturally listen and speak Chinese (and a little bit English) via songs and dances, short and lovely stories, activities in their daily lives, repeated practice in diverse contexts, and interactive games.

Besides languages, Qiaohu series fosters children’s interest in learning mathematics at early ages in an easy and enjoyable way.

In an addition, Qiaohu series pays great attention to music cultivation, which not only lays a good foundation for music training in the future, but also helps tremendously with children’s physical and mental developments. The show encourages children to follow Qiaohu to move their body parts, sing and dance by music and rhythms, and learn to control their muscle and attention. Please see Qiaohu teaches children to love to learn for more details.

This set of Qiaohu Classic Collection is surely one of the best learning materials to help your children’s comprehensive development in all areas!

Please note: This DVD set is region-free and is supposed to work with most DVD players in the world. But there are some very rare possibilities that your DVD player (some Japanese-brand DVD players) are not compatible with the DVDs.

It is your own responsibility to figure out whether your DVD player is compatible with these DVDs or not. Absolutely no return and no refund for opened DVDs.





《快乐小小虎-益智幼乐园》根据孩子们的兴趣的拓展,以智力培养、生活习惯、自然科学和社会性等内容丰富的形式呈现给您。引发孩子的好奇心、好学心, 通过快乐学习。从孩子的“我会做了!”、“我知道了!”这种发自内心的满足感中,进一步引发他们挑战新事物的积极态度。让孩子们在游戏中学习,在快乐中成 长。我们衷心希望《快乐小小虎-益智幼乐园》能够最大限度地成为帮助孩子们成长的好伙伴。

This set of 4 DVDs includes:

01 主题出发!去蚂蚁的家
02 快乐ABC(1) Can you do this
03 故事森林这样可以吗
04 拼音世界拼音大厨师
05 趣味识字这和那
06 快乐ABC(2)
07 玩具揭秘自然观察镜
08 主题保护地球
09 快乐ABC How do you feel
10 积木有几个
11 趣味识字
12 小艾和小天使
13 拼音世界
14 玩具揭秘拼音字母印章组

01 主题(1)为什么会下雨呢
02 快乐ABC How is the weather
03 主题(2)天空的秘密
04 趣味识字去郊游
05 故事森林谢谢,爸爸妈妈
06 Kids'Manner微笑打招呼
07 拼音世界魔法小精灵
08 玩具揭秘电子综合学习机
09 主题自我保护
10 拼音世界好朋友
11 爱上学的小狐狸
12 趣味识字汉字打擂台
13 健身Club丛林猜拳
14 快乐ABC Let's go to school!
15 玩具揭秘学习OK磁铁组
16 快乐回顾

01 大千世界食物的力量
02 拼音世界 aoeiuǔ
03 趣味识字方位词
04 ェㄎ虎剧场爱画画的铃铃
05 拼音世界声调符号歌
06 学习好习惯正确的读书姿势
07 快乐ABC How Are You
08 玩具揭秘创意立体几何积木
09 趣味识字江南哥采莲
10 快乐ABC Hulu'S Family
11 大千世界 人体探秘
12 快乐ABC What Colour Is It
13 趣味识字 这和那
14 大千世界 人体智力问答
15 拼音世界 标调歌
16 成语故事 三心两意
17 拼音世界 g k h
18 趣味识字 有趣的食物
19 玩具揭秘 跳跳综合学习机
20 拼音世界 大家一起读g k h

01 大千世界 地球小卫士
02 快乐ABC What Is It
03 拼音世界 j q x
04 趣味识字 和手有关的汉字
05 童话森林 小熊的圣诞树
06 快乐ABC Jump and Touch
07 学习好习惯 一起学握笔
08 拼音世界 跳舞的ǘ
09 玩具揭秘 汉字描写魔术组
10 拼音世界 bpdq和手的游戏
11 趣味识字 他她它

12 大千世界 恐龙时代的奇妙旅行
13 拼音世界 zcs
14 趣味识字 古诗猜谜
15 快乐ABC what is it
16 数学单元 认月历
17 拼音世界 zhi chi shi ri
18 拼音世界 整体认读
19 巧虎剧场 这样可以吗
20 快乐ABC push and pull
21 玩具揭秘 快乐拼音学习组
22 快乐ABC I have a ball

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