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Chinese DVD: Qiaohu's Little World (Age 4-5, 12 DVDs)

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This set of Qiaohu's Little World is designed especially for young children of age 4-5. It focuses on instructing children’s self-observing and understanding of the Mother Nature and our society, coaching them proper manners and courtesy, and unleashing their potential. This series of Chinese-language DVD shows is anchored by live hosts and a lovely cartoon character Qiaohu ("Qiaohu") in costume.

Although its major theme is to teach children morals, Qiaohu series is a wonderful tool to teach children Chinese language. In the show, Qiaohu leads kids to naturally listen and speak Chinese (and a little bit English) via songs and dances, short and lovely stories, activities in their daily lives, repeated practice in diverse contexts, and interactive games.

Besides languages, Qiaohu series fosters children’s interest in learning mathematics at early ages in an easy and enjoyable way.

In an addition, Qiaohu series pays great attention to music cultivation, which not only lays a good foundation for music training in the future, but also helps tremendously with children’s physical and mental developments. The show encourages children to follow Qiaohu to move their body parts, sing and dance by music and rhythms, and learn to control their muscle and attention. Please see Qiaohu teaches children to love to learn for more details.

This set of Qiaohu's Little World is surely one of the best learning materials to help your children’s comprehensive development in all areas!

Please note: This DVD set is region-free and is supposed to work with most DVD players in the world. But there are some very rare possibilities that your DVD player (some Japanese-brand DVD players) are not compatible with the DVDs.

It is your own responsibility to figure out whether your DVD player is compatible with these DVDs or not. Absolutely no return and no refund for opened DVDs.



This set of 6 DVDs includes:

01 主角介绍        新朋友,桃乐比
02 巧虎新发现      牛奶是怎么来的呢
03 轻松识字        汉字猜猜看(一)
04 Hello!ABC       A Big Cat
05 数学单元        比较的概念
06 一年四季        一年四季歌
07 轻松识字        汉字猜猜看(二)
08 Hello!ABC       Nice to Meet You
09 教你玩          电子英语猜谜机
10 巧虎新发现      甘薯在哪里
11 轻松识字        辛劳的稻草人
12 Hello!ABC       Eight Dirty Fish
13 一年四季        唱中秋
14 Hello!ABC       I'm Sorry & That's Ok
15 社会中剧场      坚持到底
16 轻松识字        古诗《悯农》
17 数学单元        合成的概念
18 教你玩          形状认知汽车组

1 巧虎新发现      神奇的磁铁
02 轻松识字(一)
03 社会小剧场      当好小客人
04 轻松识字(二)
05 轻松识字(三)
06 动起来          跳跃
07 Hello!ABC       A Green Hot Iron
08 教你玩          神奇磁铁组
09 巧虎新发现      合作的力量
10 Hello!ABC       A Jumping Lion
11 数学单元        圣诞老公公送礼物
12 轻松识字        加一笔识字
13 社会小剧场      一起来合作
14 数学单元        10的合成与分解
15 Hello!ABC       Can You Help Me
16 教你玩          合成分解游戏组

01 巧虎新发现      眼睛的秘密
02 数学单元        一双的概念
03 一年四季        冬天下雪了
04 Hello!ABC       Nine Mini Oranges
05 社会小剧场      理解同伴的心情
06 轻松识字        猎人奇遇记
07 Hello!ABC       How Old Are You
08 教你玩          视觉视角实验组
09 巧虎新发现      预防感冒
10 巧虎新发现      感冒病毒大猜谜
11 轻松识字        给祖母拜年
12 社会小剧场      我会照顾弟弟妹妹
13 Hello!ABC       A Pretty Robot A Quiet Robot
14 数学单元        均分的概念
15 轻松识字        买卖 今令
16 教你玩          图形记忆机
17 Hello!ABC       Are You OK

01 巧虎新发现      切开看一看
02 轻松识字        带“日”的汉字
03 动起来          袋鼠跳跃
04 社会小剧场      爱心让人暖洋洋
05 教你玩          汉字逻辑益智乐
06 轻松识字        带“口”的汉字
07 Hello!ABC       A Sad Tall Uncle
08 蜂蜜是怎么来的
09 古诗猜谜
10 春来了
11 手工气车创意组
13 听话 守纪律
15 序数的概念

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