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Multilingual DVD: Tom and Jerry (Cantonese/Mandarin/Japanese/Eng

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Tom and Jerry is an American animated cartoon series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera that centered on a never-ending rivalry between a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry) whose chases and battles often involved comic violence.

The original series is notable for having won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film seven times. Tom and Jerry has a worldwide audience that consists of children, teenagers and adults, and has also been recognized as one of the most famous and longest-lived rivalries in American cinema. In 2000, TIME named the series one of the greatest television shows of all time.

Now your child can share Tom and Jerry's pleasures and silliness in four languages (Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese and English) and with concealed subtitles in simplified Chinese, Japanese and English. All the menu options are in English and Chinese.

Please note: This DVD set is region-free and is supposed to work with most DVD players in the world. But there are some very rare possibilities that your DVD player (some Japanese-brand DVD players) are not compatible with the DVDs.

It is your own responsibility to figure out whether your DVD player is compatible with these DVDs or not. No return and no refund for opened DVDs.







当William Denby Hanna和Joseph Roland Barbera制作出这一对活宝的时候,他们大概没有想到他们的贡献有多大。这一对天生的冤家从诞生开始就注定了他们是给世界带来欢笑的。假如你是早晨九点钟就爬起来等待收看动画片的那一代人,那么你必定对我所说的话产生深深的共鸣。假如你不是,那也没有关系,因为Tom和Jerry是不会随着时间而褪色的。相反,他们在时间长河里浸泡越久,他们也会显得越有魅力,你也越会被感动。比起现在那些所谓有深度有意义的动画来说,Tom And Jerry的10分钟片断与其相比倒显得更具光辉。

01 老鼠罐头工厂 Cannery Rodent
02 小狗野餐 Pup On A Picnic
03 小狗的故事 Puppy tale
04 老鼠出售 Mouse for sale
05 捕鼠陷阱 Designs on Jerry
06 汤姆和小老鼠 Tom and Cherie
07 进步与机械化 Advance and be mechanized
08 自作聪明的笨猫 Smarty Cat
09 佩克斯 佩斯特 Pecos pest
10 海滩上练肌肉 Muscle Beach Tom
11 忧郁的猫 Blue cat Blues
12 父子烤肉野餐 Barbecue Drawl
13 噩梦时分 PURR-Chance To Dream
14 胆小的猫咪 Timid Tabhy
15 快乐的小鸭子 Happy Go Ducky
16 皇帝的睡眠 Royal Cat Nap
17 消失的鸭子 The Vanishing Duck
18 老鼠音乐会 Matinee Mouse
19 罗宾 胡德逃生 Robin Hoodwinked
20 看管宝宝 Tot Watchers
21 会飞的巫婆 The Flying Sorceress
22 又香又干净的儿子 Slick-Up Pup

DISC two: 01 休战伤害 The truce hurts
02 博士教学班 Professor Tom
03 老鼠打扫记 Mouse cleaning
04 我为杰瑞而疯狂 I'm just wild about Jerry
05 麻烦的诞生 Hatch Up Your Troubles
06 没有毛的束缚 Of Feline Bondage
07 小鬼难缠 LOVE That Pup
08 天上普丝 Heavenly Puss
09 网球白痴 Tennis chumps
10 小鸭子 Little quacker
11 老鼠年 The year of the mouse
12 爆竹风波 Safety second
13 杰瑞,如此执拗 Jerry, Quite Contrary
14 贪吃的猫The Framed Cat
15 卡若瓦猫Casanova Cat
16 烹饪时间Jerry and the goldfish
17 偷懒的猫Sleepy-time Tom
18 爱我就要爱我的老鼠Love me,Love my mouse
19 荒岛假期 His Mouse Friday
20 汤姆的小雪人 A-Tom-inable snow man

01 西部牛仔 Texas Tom
02 船上的猫 Puss 'N' Boats
03 我的好妈咪 That's my mommy
04 会跳舞的熊 Down Beat Bear
05 冲浪的猫 Surf-Bored Cat
06 三只小猫 Triplet Trouble
07 没有用的猫 Mucho Mouse
08 飞行猫 The Flying Cat
09 保镖 The Bodyguard
10 小孤儿 The Little Orphan
11 杰瑞的远亲 Jerry's Cousin
12 强力牛乳 Dr Jekyll and Mr Mouse
13 室内溜冰场 Mice Follies
14 海底新乐园 The Cat And the Mermouse
15 猫儿协奏曲 The cat concerto
16 老鼠遇险 Mouse Trouble
17 杰瑞与狮子 Jerry And The Lion
18 倒霉的日子 Mouse in Manhattan
19 噩梦成真 The Milky waif
20 午睡纠纷 Cat napping
21 周末夜之猫 Saturday evening puss
22 打嗝风波 Hic-cup Pup
23 隐形墨水 The invisible mouse
24 猫卡通 The Million Dollar Cat
25 耶诞夜 The Night Before Christmas

01 午夜小点心 The midnight snack
02 狗惹麻烦 Dog Trouble
03 可爱的猫女孩 Puss N' Toots
04 保龄球馆里的猫 The bowling alley-cat
05 屋子里有医生吗? Is There A Doctor In The Mouse?
06 扬杜老鼠 The Yankee Doodle Mouse
07 物以类聚 Fine Feathered Friend
08 超级猫 Sufferin'Cat
09 小雪人喜欢我 Snowbaby Loves me
10 寂寞的老鼠 The lonesone mouse
11 不收缩的老鼠杰瑞 The unshrinkable Jerry mouse
12 真假猎犬 Puttin ONThe Dog
13 鼠来晚餐 The Mouse comes to dinner
14 双人高尔夫 Tee for Two
15 寻梦小仔 Springtime for Thomas
16 小老鼠的生活故事 Ah,Sweet Mouse-Story Of Life
17 浪漫小夜曲 Solid Serenade
18 汤姆的能量 tom-ic energy
19 猫儿钓鱼记 Cat Flshin
20 请保持安静 Quiet Please
21 斑点猫 Polka-Dot Puss
22 两个小印第安 Two Little Indians
23 捕鼠大队 Rrap Happy
24 万能指挥家 Tom and Jerry In The Hollywood Bow
25 古宝猫 Cue Ball Cat

01 秃鹰变奏曲 Flirty Birdy
02 汤姆猫演唱会 The cat above and the mouse below
03 爱护动物周 Jerry's diary
04 猫的痛感 The cat's me-ouch
05 小犬显威 That's my pup!
06 决斗 Duel PerGonality
07 操控老鼠的生活 Guided Mouse-ille
08 有理的宝贝 Just ducky
09 神奇的老鼠 Haunted Mouse
10 拿坡里老鼠 Neapolitan Mouse
11 四处窜的杰瑞 Jerry Go Round
12 笼中鸟 Kitty Foiled
13 捕鼠的烦恼 Much Ado about mousing
14 顶棚上的老鼠 Pent-House Mouse
15 兼职朋友 Part time pal
16 海水玩具鸭 Salt water tabby
17 倒霉的一天 Bad day at cat clock
18 房子里的老鼠 A mouse in the house
19 捕鼠兄弟 The brothers Carry-Mouse-Off
20 老摇椅上的汤姆 Old rockin' chair Tom
21 小海豹失踪记 Little Runaway
22 幽灵又出现 Traidy Cat
23 小娃娃 Baby Butch
24 约翰老鼠 Johann mouse
25 宠物之争 Pet peeve
26 饥饿的老鼠 The mouse from Hunger

01 猫变老鼠 Nit-Witty Kitty
02 猜鸭季 The Duck Doctor
03 有恩必报 Fit to Be Tied
04 机器猫风波 Push-Button Kitty
05 鱼缸里的猫叫声 Filet Meow
06 行船猫 Cruise Cat
07 陷入绝境的猫 Catty-cornered
08 国王的侍卫 The Two Mouseketeers
09 杰瑞比猫咪聪明 Little School Mouse
10 杰瑞与小象 Jerry and Jumbo
11 汤姆约会记 Smitten Kitten
12 两只猫的故事 Cat And Dupli-cat
13 小说风波 Life With Tom
14 太阳系的猫叫声 O-Solar-Meow
15 西部大懒猫 Posse Cat
16 可怕的白鼠 The missing mouse
17 丑小鸭 Downhearted Duckling
18 惊讶的猫咪 Touche-Pussy Cat
19 老鼠餐厅 Rock' n Rodent
20 南飞的鸭子 Southbound Duckling
21 狗屋 The dog house
22 宝贝猫咪 Baby Puss
23 祖鲁猫 The Zoot Cat
24 甜蜜的家 Puss gets the boot
25 野狗与家犬 Give and Tyke

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