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Trilingual DVD: Barbie in the Nutcracker (Cantonese, Mandarin an

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The tale begins when Barbie, playing the role of Clara, receives a beautiful wooden Nutcracker as a gift from her favorite aunt. That night, while Clara sleeps, the Nutcracker springs to life to ward off the evil Mouse King who has invaded Clara’s parlor. She awakes and aids the Nutcracker, but the Mouse King shrinks her by casting an evil spell. Clara and the Nutcracker set off on a spectacular adventure to find the Sugarplum Princess, the only one who can break the Mouse King’s evil enhancement. Barbie in the Nutcracker shows that, if you are kind, clever and brave, anything is possible….

Now your family can enjoy this family movie in three languages (Cantonese, Mandarin and English) and with concealed subtitles in in Chinese and English. All the menu options are in English and Chinese.

Please note: this DVD is a region-6 DVD. It can be played by a region-free DVD player which is guaranteed to play any Region Blu-ray or DVD on any TV. You also can play this DVD on your PC if your computer is properly equipped.

《芭比与胡桃夹子的梦幻之旅》改编自霍夫曼名著的精彩电脑动画影片中,芭比?神奇地获得了生命。故事是从克拉拉(芭比饰)收到她最喜欢的阿姨送的一件漂亮木头胡桃夹子开始的。那天晚上,胡桃夹子为抵挡老鼠国王入侵克拉拉的卧室而复活。克拉拉醒来并与胡桃夹子联手作战,可是鼠王用一个魔咒将她缩小了。克拉拉和胡桃夹子于是出发去寻找唯一能够破解魔咒的甜梅仙子。 所有华丽壮观的舞蹈场景都由来自纽约市立芭蕾舞团的真人芭蕾舞演员演出,为你展现前所未见的芭蕾之美。《芭比与胡桃夹子的梦幻之旅》告诉我们,假如你心地善良、聪慧并且勇敢,世上一切都是可能的……

Living A Ballet Dream 32分37秒

《芭比与胡桃夹子的梦幻之旅》是一部片长77分钟的动画片,专为少女和小女孩们设计,担任编舞的则是纽约市立芭蕾舞团首席芭蕾大师彼德·马丁斯,曼妙的舞姿将为你带来前所未有的芭蕾体验。 《芭比与胡桃夹子的梦幻之旅》改编自霍夫曼的名著《胡桃钳》,制作上使用了美国环球影业最先进的电脑动画技术,以动作捕捉方式将舞者曼妙的舞姿输入电脑中,然后绘制而成,舞曲配乐则是由英国伦敦交响乐团演奏柴可夫斯基的悠扬乐章,为你展现前所未见的芭蕾之美。

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