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Chinese Folktale: The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea/NuWa Mend

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This book has two stories: The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and NuWa Mends the Sky.

In The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, the Eight Immortals have been making rather too merry and, their minds clouded by wine, they decide to journey forth to discover all the wonders of the undersea realms that are not found at home in Heaven.

Today the expression "Eight Immortals cross the sea" can refer to each member of a group making a distinctive contribution to their collective success, but it can also refer to each of them being left to his own devices, or to each one working to outshine the others.

In NuWa Mends the Sky, there was a goddess named Nüwa who roamed this wild world that Pangu had left behind, and she became lonely in her solitude. She resolved to make something like herself for company.

Nüwa the goddess used the mud of the water bed to form the shape of humans. She breathed into her creations to give them life. Nüwa then became bored of individually making every human so she started putting a rope in the water bed and lettings the drops of mud that fell from it become new humans. Please see Chinese mythology: Pangu and Nüwa for more details.

The book comes Chinese characters and the Pinyin (phonetic transcriptions), and includes a VCD that children can enjoy watching on TV or computer. The VCD narrates every page in this book in clear Mandarin Chinese, and is accompanied with animated cartoons. Please see Q & A about VCD for more details.




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