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Chinese Folktale: The Peacock Princess/The Snail Girl (with VCD)

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This book has two stories: The Peacock Princess and The Snail Girl, both are very popular Chinese folktales that have been known and loved by generations of Chinese children.

In The Peacock Princess, the king of the Peacock Kingdom had seven beautiful daughters, but his favorite was the seventh, Nan Muluna. All the peacock princesses could fly, including Nan Muluna. One day Nan Muluna and her sisters flew to the Golden Lake to take a bath. At the lake, she met the Prince of Mengbanzha.

It was love at the first sight. Soon the Princess and the Prince got married. But the Prince's father, the King, was under the sway of an evil vulture who had transformed himself into a magician. This magician hated the young prince and did everything in his power to cause him grief.

The magician slandered the Princess as an evil spirit, and forced her to fly back to the Peacock Kingdom. It wasn't until the Prince did battle with this force of evil that he was finally reunited with his beloved wife Nan Muluna.

In The Snail Girl, there lived a young farmer named Xie Duan whose parents had died years before. One evening, on his way back from tending his field, Xie Duan spied a giant river snail lying on the side of the road. He picked up the snail and took it home, and put it into a vat with water.

The very next night, when Xie Duan came back home, he discovered the floor swept and that several bowls of delicious food were awaiting him on his table! Strangely, the same thing happened on the second day, then on the third, forth and fifth day. At last, Xie Duan decided to find out who was his benefactor. Please see Chinese folktale: The Snail Girl for more details.

The book comes Chinese characters and the Pinyin (phonetic transcriptions), and includes a VCD that children can enjoy watching on TV or computer. The VCD narrates every page in this book in clear Mandarin Chinese, and is accompanied with animated cartoons. Please see Q & A about VCD for more details.

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