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Chinese Mythology: Nezha Riots the Seas (Collector's Edition)

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Nezha Riots the Seas, also called also known as Nezha Conquers the Dragon King, is an exciting classical Chinese folk tale that has been known and loved by generations of Chinese children. Full of adventures and challenges, this book will enchant every child.

The story opens with Nezha's father Li Jing, a powerful general of Chentang Pass. His wife, after a three-year long pregnancy, gives birth to a ball of flesh shaped like a lotus bud.

Believing this to be an ill omen, Li Jing chops open the lotus bud with a single swipe of his mighty sword. A beautiful baby boy springs out. He can speak and walk immediately after birth.

The Great Monad comes to offer his congratulations. He finds the boy to his liking, so he takes him as a disciple and eaches him magical arts.

The main part of the story revolves around Nezah's feud with the Dragon King, whom he angers through the killing of his son. Through bravery and wit, Nezha finally breaks into the underwater palace of his nemesis and successfully defeats him. Please see Chinese mythology: Nezha Riots the Seas for more details.

The carefully composed illustrations, coupled with superb book design, make the book appropriately childlike and whimsical, and open this classic tale to new interpretations. Thoughtful students of Chinese folktale will welcome this splendidly artful edition.

The book comes with Chinese characters and the Pinyin (phonetic transcriptions), a great adventure book to enjoy and practice reading Chinese. The high-quality print is nicely produced to capture the vivid color and exceptional detail of the original artwork.

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