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Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (Liaozhai Zhiy, Junior Edi

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Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio or Liaozhai Zhiyi (also Strange Tales of Liaozhai, simplified Chinese: 聊斋志异) is a collection of nearly 500 mostly supernatural tales written by Pu Songling in Classical Chinese during the early Qing Dynasty.

The stories differ broadly in length, with the shortest under a page long. Many are classified as Chuanqi, sometimes translated as "marvel tales," that is, stories written in classical Chinese starting in the Tang dynasty.

Pu borrows from a tradition of oral storytelling where the boundary between reality and the odd or fantastic is blurred. The stories are filled with magical foxes, ghosts, scholars, jiangshi, court officials, Taoist exorcists and beasts.

This book is a junior edition of Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio or Liaozhai Zhiyi. It use simpler and more interesting language to tell the stories. Accomplished with beautiful illustrations, this book makes reading Chinese classical literature with more fun.




第一章 考城隍
第二章 偷桃
第三章 种梨
第四章 崂山道士
第五章 妖术
第六章 青凤
第七章 画皮
第八章 贾儿
第九章 婴宁
第十章 聂小倩
第十一章 潍水狐
第十二章 阿宝
第十三章 张诚
第十四章 夜叉国
第十五章 雊鹆
第十六章 罗刹海市 
第十七章 促织
第十八章 姊妹易嫁
第十九章 寒月芙蕖
第二十章 赵城虎

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