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Chinese Children's Animal Stories (1 CD)

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Animal stories are children's all-time favorite. This CD features an excellent selection of 17 simple but popular Chinese children's stories. There are a variety of cute and lovely stories about animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, and cows.

This CD can be played at home, in the car, or by a portable CD player, making them a wonderful tool for any parents interested in teaching Chinese to their young children.

《可爱的小动物 猴子国王》收录的经典童话故事曾陪伴着你的爸爸、妈妈、外公、外婆、爷爷、奶奶走过美好的童年时候,现在又来到你的身边,和着你稚嫩的脚印,伴着你一步步走向精彩的世界……



01 猴子国王(故事)
02 三只羊(故事)
03 小熊学种田(故事)
04 小叭狗吃糖
05 小鲤鱼
06 小兔搬南瓜
07 小螃蟹
08 小蝌蚪(一)
09 袋鼠
10 小象贝贝(故事)
11 小羊过桥(故事)
12 白鹅奶奶的缸豆(故事)
13 孵小鸡(故事)
14 小蝌蚪(三)
15 小老鼠
16 小耗子
17 鸭子
18 狼来了(故事)
19 小马过河(故事)
20 金鸟(故事)

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Chinese Children's Animal Stories (1 CD)
Chinese Children's Animal Stories (1 CD)
Sale: $11.69
Save: 10% off

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