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Chinese VCD: The Proud General


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The Proud General, also referred to as The Conceited General, is regarded the beginning of the unique Chinese-style animation film, the so-called “Chinese School”. Please see Chinese animation – masterpiece of Chinese culture and art, part 1 for more details.

The story is about a general who returns home to glory and prosperity after a victorious military campaign. The king rewards him and claims that all enemies will be intimidated by the general. From then on, the general no longer practice martial arts.

He eats, drinks, lives the glamorous life, and didn't bother anymore with sharpening his weapons. When the enemy one day returns, his own arrogance led to his defeat and eventually to the downfall of whole nation.

Although this film was heavily influenced by Disney from the perspective of character design, movement and storytelling point of view, there were a lot of typical Chinese elements: the music are derived from Beijing Opera; the clothing, architecture, and props do have a strong sense of Chinese traditional influence, the film was one of the first films to use the art of water ink painting in a lengthy production.

Now your family can enjoy this Chinese animation masterpiece in Chinese with concealed subtitles in Chinese. The VCD can be played on TV or computer. Please see Q & A about VCD for more details.

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