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Easy-Read 4 Chinese Audiobooks: Baby Loves Learning

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These four Easy-Read Chinese audiobooks are specially made to be compatible with Easy-Read Pen, a pen-shaped book reader onto which audio from specific books can be downloaded.

When Easy-Read Pen scans across book pages, either images or texts, the corresponding Chinese words, phrases, paragraphs, or dialogues are read out loudly in clear mandarin, a new technique of Point and Read. Please see E-reading pen: an interactive tool to learn Chinese for more details.

This package includes four simple books that are excellent for baby's early education: Words, Numbers & Math, Pinyin and Bilingual Vocabulary Basics.

By teaching single words, Words provides a good basic introduction of the simplest Chinese words for children. Young readers can learn the most frequently used Chinese words through enjoyable and relaxing reading. Each character is shown with examples of how this character is used along with other characters to form words, and along side each character is a short sentence that shows off how the character can be used. This exercise allows for flexible application of Chinese words in practical contexts, and provides deeper comprehension of the text.

Numbers & Math is a beautiful display of number 1 to 10 in Chinese. It helps children identify numbers, associate numbers by even or odd counting, and learn addition and subtraction skills

Pinyin provides a fun way for children to learn Chinese pin yin. The cards teach all pinyin letters to young children. Each card contains a pinyin letter with colorful picture illustrations. Along with each pinyin is a Chinese word that showcases how to pronounce the pinyin letter correctly.

Bilingual Vocabulary Basics features colorful and charming illustrations, their Chinese characters as well as English explanations of objects and concepts. Seeing the pictorial illustrations and the Chinese/English words together will help students visualize the words they are learning and speed up their learning.

You can upload the audio files of these books into your Easy-Read Pen. These audio files are available from a CD that comes with the books. Or you can download them from here.

Here is a demo video showing my two-year-old daughter Yanyan using Easy-Read Pen to learn Chinese. For more information, please visit The resources my twins are using to acquire Chinese.

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