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About Us

DD and Mommy DD is reading books

As someone who may possibly acclaim as bilingual, I never forget the frustration I grew up in learning a second language-English-in a non-native language environment.

No wonder after studying English for so many years, sometimes I still feel frustrated of not being able to express myself and not being able to make myself clearly understood.

Therefore, when I was pregnant with my daughter DD for just one month, I already thought about helping her acquire a second language, rather than learn it (see the difference of acquiring a language and learning a language in How children acquire second languages?

Beginning January 2009, my husband encouraged me to put the Chinese lessons online so that people in the world who want to learn Chinese can benefit from it (more details see New year, new plan).

The simplest single Chinese words lessons have lasted for two years and are still continuing and are expanding to phrases, sentences, grammars, colloquiums, historical and cultural backgrounds, stories and etc. All are offered for FREE! (see the complete list of all free information and lessons at Best4Future Blog)

In June 2010, we received more than 40 Chinese pictures books and a bunch of movie DVDs for DD's upcoming two-year birthday. DD was so excited. She was eager to read books and watch the movies. That inspired me to open an online bilingual bookstore to share with you premium quality Chinese children's books, textbooks, videos, songs, and other educational materials (more details see I have an idea to open a Chinese bookstore online!).

And, here it is: Best 4 Future Bilingual Bookstore!

Currently, our bookstore features Chinese books and multimedia. Other language books and multimedia will be added later, including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and etc.

With your support, more books for more languages will be available for parents who want to bring up babies bilingual. And I can continue to produce and develop more posts for Best4future Blog, including comprehensive information concerning language/bilingual learning, parenting and teaching, as well as free Chinese language lessons.

For more information and our newest progress, please visit Best4Future Blog, the Founder's Blog. Also welcome to leave your comments, ideas, personal experience, inquiries, and suggestions.


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