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Happy China - learning Chinese WenZhou Volume (with 1 DVD) (Chin


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This bilingual book and DVD is part of Happy China-Learning Chinese series, co-published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CCTV.

The CCTV-4 program Happy China - Learning Chinese offers learners an opportunity to learn the Chinese language and culture while enjoying the beautiful scenic spots in China. Co-operating with the local administrations of the well-known scenic spots, this program well combines the learning of language skills with that of Chinese culture and history in an interesting, informative and enjoyable way.

The series of program is set against famous places of interest and integrates various presenting forms such as interview, scenario composing, spot photographing, aiming to help foreigners learn Chinese in a happy and relaxed way thus achieving the goal of learn Chinese happily, memorize new words easily. Each book has around 15 episodes & chapters. After dialogues, there are vocabulary, notes and some complementary exercises.

This DVD + book set mainly focuses on WenZhou City, a famouse scenic spot in China. The DVD introduces the beautiful scenery and places of historic interest in Wenzhou. The book takes dialogues from the DVD so that you can study yourself.

The DVD is in Chinese with Chinese and English subtitles. Some phrases are put up on the screen as Chinese, pinyin and English. The book has approximately 208 pages in it. The book is written in simplified Chinese and English.

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