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APA Book Series: Circle of Three - Enough Friendship to Go Aroun

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This work was originally published in the English under the title of Circle of Three - Enough Friendship to Go Around? as a publication of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Good things come in threes. That's how best friends Lindsey, Bella, and Kate usually feel. But sometimes three doesn't always feel so fun…

Three means if the teacher says to pick partners, it's a race to see who can catch eyes first.

Three means if you can ask only one friend to spend the night, you're forced to make a hard choice.

Three means if you have a fight, one of you is stuck in the middle.

Lindsey, Bella, and Kate stumble over these and other common friendship dilemmas, making amends, finding solutions, expanding their circle, and becoming even better friends than before.

Now your family can enjoy this book in Chinese! The book comes with simplified Chinese characters.

About the Author
Elizabeth Brokamp a licensed professional counselor, knows that "friendship circles are a big source of both pleasure and stress for girls." She worked for many years as a school counselor and currently maintains a private practice. She lives with her husband and four children (three of whom are girls) near Washington, D.C.

About the Illustrator
Joni Stringfield loves creating all types of illustration, especially children's book art. "This story touched me because it reminded me of my own childhood," she says. "I went through similar situations, but mostly I remember the great friendships, and I'm still thankful for them". She lives in San Francisco.





作者:伊丽莎白•布洛坎普(Elizabeth Brokamp),是一名专业咨询师,她认为朋友圈既是女孩子们最大的快乐源泉,同时也会带给她们压力。她曾在学校担任过多年的辅导员,目前为私人执业咨询师。她与丈夫和四个孩子(其中三个是女孩)共同生活在美国华盛顿附近。

插图者: 琼妮•斯特林菲尔德(Joni Stringfield),热衷于创作各种类型的插图,尤其是儿童书籍。“这个故事打动了我,因为它让我想起了我的童年时代。”她说,“我也经历过书中所写的一些情形,但是现在回想起来,只有和朋友之间的友谊还记忆犹新,对于我的那些朋友,我心存感激。”她现在生活在美国旧金山。


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