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APA Book Series: Double-Dip Feelings - Stories to Help Children

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This work was originally published in the English under the title of Double-Dip Feelings - Stories to Help Children Understand Emotions as a publication of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Learning to cope with ambivalence is one of the greatest challenges in a child's emotional development. In the second edition of this delightful and engaging book, a series of familiar situations illustrate the common yet uncomfortable experience of having two contrasting feelings at the same time. The first day of school brings both pride and fear; the arrival of a new brother or sister can trigger both joy and sadness. These vignettes will help the young child recognize and understand the phenomenon of mixed feelings.

In an extensive afterword, psychologist Jane Annunziata offers children guidelines for responding to their conflicting feelings. She also provides parents with concrete suggestions for helping their growing children resolve their struggles with ambivalence on the journey toward emotional maturity.

Now your child can learn about "double-dip" feelings in Chinese! The book comes with simplified Chinese characters.

About the Author
Barbara S. Cain, MSW, writes about the normal feelings of childhood, and is a practicing psychotherapist in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

About the Illustrator
Anne Patterson is a book illustrator, portraitist, and graphic designer. She lives in Maine.





作者: 芭芭拉•凯恩(Barbara Cain),著有多本关于儿童正常情感的书,她住在美国密歇根州安娜堡,是一名心理治疗医生。

绘者:安妮•帕特森(Anne Patterson),是一名图书插画家、肖像画家和平面设计师,她住在美国缅因州。

《儿童情绪管理与性格培养绘本(第9辑):双味情绪》内容简介:学会处理矛盾的情绪是孩子情感发展过程的重大挑战之一。书中作者通过一系列发生在我们身边的故事,讲述了一个非常普遍的经历,即同时感受到两种相对的情绪,这让我们很难受。第一天上学,我们既骄傲又害怕;小弟弟或小妹妹的到来,使我们既开心又伤心。这些例子能够帮助孩子认识并理解混合的情绪。 在编后记中,心理学家简•阿农吉亚塔利用大量的篇幅就如何应对这些矛盾的情绪为孩子提供了指导,还为父母提供了具体的建议,以便他们帮助孩子处理矛盾的情绪,使他们的情感走向成熟。

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