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APA Book Series: Sally Sore Loser - A Story About Winning and Lo

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This work was originally published in the English under the title of Big Ernie's New Home - A Story for Children Who Are Moving as a publication of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Sally loves to be first at everything! She is first in line at school. She is first out the door at recess. She is first at dinner finishing her mac 'n' cheese! Unfortunately, Sally dislikes losing and this can lead to hot tempers and hurt feelings. She even gets the nickname "Sally Sore Loser" from her classmates at school.

With the help of her teacher and her mom, Sally learns the rules for being a good winner and a good loser. She learns to say to herself, "I've won if I had fun!"

A Note to Parents is included, with practical tips for teaching children to be good winners and good losers.

Now your child can enjoy this wonderful book in Chinese! The book comes with simplified Chinese characters.

About the Author
Frank J. Sileo, PhD, is a New Jersey licensed psychologist and the executive director of the Center for Psychological Enhancement, LLC in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Dr. Sileo received his doctorate in psychology from Fordham University in New York City. He is the author of three other children's books, Toilet Paper Flowers: A Story for Children About Crohn's Disease, Hold the Cheese Please! A Story for Children About Lactose Intolerance and Bug Bites and Campfires: A Story for Kids About Homesickness.

Dr. Sileo is an active public speaker and speaks across the country to children and families. He has been featured in psychological journals, newspapers, magazines, the web, radio, webcasts, and television..

About the Illustrator
Cary Pillo grew up in a small town near the Cascade Mountains in Washington state, and now lives in Seattle with her husband and their dog, Atlas. She has illustrated many children's books, including A Terrible Thing Happened, Gentle Willow, Striped Shirts and Flowered Pants, and Tibby Tried It.





作者:弗兰克•希洛(Frank J. Sileo)博士,是新泽西州的注册心理学家,同时兼任新泽西州心理提升中心(有限责任公司)的执行董事。希洛博士在纽约福特姆大学获得了心理学博士学位。他写了其他三本孩子的书,分别是《手纸花:给克罗恩氏病孩子的故事》(Toilet Paper Flowers: A Story for Children About Crohn's Disease),《别动奶酪:给乳糖不耐症孩子的故事》(Hold the Cheese Please! A Story for Children About Lactose Intolerance),以及《臭虫和营火:一个想家的故事》(Bug Bites and Campfire: A Story for Kids About Homesickness)。希洛博士是个活跃的公众演讲家,他经常在全国巡回给父母和孩子演讲。他活跃在心理学专刊、新闻、杂志、网络、广播、直播网站和电视上。你可以访问他的个人网站drfranksileo.com以了解更多有关他的信息。

插图者:(卡里•派罗(Cary Pillo),在华盛顿州喀斯克特山脉脚下的一个小镇上长大,现在跟她的丈夫和狗居住在阿特拉斯。她为很多童书做插图,包括《可怕的事情发生了》(A Terrible Thing Happened),《温柔的柳树》(Gentle Willow),《条纹衬衫花裤子》(Striped Shirts and Howered Pants),以及《蒂比试一试》(Tibby Tried It)。


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