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Modern Classics: The Magazine of Gian Gale (Chinese Edition)

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The magazine of Gian Gale is a novel written by Vamba (aka Luigi Bertelli) in 1907 and first published in serial form in the Newspaper Sunday between 1907 and 1908, and then by volume in 1912.

It is set in Tuscany (and partly also in Rome). The book is written as a diary, the diary of Giannino Stoppani, said "John Gale" . This nickname, which the family gives him because of his behavior very restless (more exuberance than malice) has become proverbial to indicate an unruly kid.

Giannino Stoppani, dubbed by the parents "John Gale" for the ability to mix and match all the colors, is the youngest son and only son in a noble family consists of: the three sisters Ada Louise and Virginia, the mother and the father. When completes nine years receives a gift from her mother a diary, or "newspaper" of the title, he begins to write down everything that comes his way.

In particular, we note his adventures, like the time he fell into the river trying to fish with a rod given to him on the same occasion by the sisters; or the finding in their drawers of photographs of various acquaintances, commented scornfully. After having laughed about it on their own, decided to hand over the photos to their respective subjects, and the discovery of so much hypocrisy in Ada, Louise and Virginia pushes all of them to desert a dance party at home Stoppani excuses of circumstances. The real reason is still afloat and father punished as guilty Gian Gale.

After another accident caused by Giannino, always followed by punishment, Giannino runs away from home and takes refuge with her Aunt Bettina, his father's sister. But here, too, finds a way to combine disasters and aunt calls her father because Giannino is brought home. Here are other adventures Giannino until that breaking an arm during a car ride with a friend. A little 'to cure her arm and a little' to get away from home, Giannino be visiting Rome in the house of his sister Louise and her husband of this, dr. Collalto. Of course, here is a way to get into trouble and make all the colors.

Now your family can read this modern classic in simplified Chinese.




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