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T'choupi Doesn't Want to Go to Bed (Chinese Edition)

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T'choupi Doesn't Want to Go to Bed is one of the must-read children's book series T'choupi’s Life Stories, originally created by French artist Thierry Courtin and published by Nathan Jeunesse. From the fun-filled book series, children can identify with the actions of their heroes, recounted with humor and tenderness.

Like any typical three-year-old, T'choupi is enthusiastic, energetic and full of curiosity. Occasionally he is bossy and starts arguments with his friends. He also tends to get upset, angry and jealous quickly and then regrets it later. Sometimes T'choupi lies and has a slightly disapproving character. Please see T’choupi came to China for more details.

With lovely illustrations and easy-to-understand dialogues, the books also deals gently with the subjects children often face, such as how to become confident, how to find fun out of boredom, how to share with friends, how to care for others, and much more.

Now your child can join in T'choupi to discover himself and his surrounding world with enthusiasm and curiosity and share fun with his friends in Chinese! The book comes with simplified Chinese characters.





《乔比不想睡觉》: 爸爸给乔比讲完故事,乔比该睡觉了。可是乔比却几次三番的从自己的小房间出来,缠着爸爸妈妈要这要那,爸爸妈妈真的有点生气了。这里爸爸妈妈做什么了呢,乔比乖乖睡觉了没有?


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