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Popular Western Children's Songs in Chinese 1 (1 CD)

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This CD collects 23 lovely children's songs from Western countries such US, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Japan, Norway, and other countries. These all-time favorites work so well with kids. Many of them can be used as TPR-based activities (Total Physical Responce), so that you and your younger learners could have some fun moving around. Sung in Chinese, you and your child can enjoy these Western songs in Chinese.

This CD can be played at home, in the car, or by a portable CD player, making it a wonderful tool for any parents interested in teaching Chinese to their young children.

This volume includes:

01 八只小鹅(捷克斯洛伐克)
02 波比换牙(美国)
03 英文字母歌(美国)
04 星仔走天涯(日本)
05 人们叫我唐老鸭(美国)
06 花仙子之歌(日本)
07 小兔子找舞伴(美国)
08 蓝精灵之歌(日本)
09 我的小怪物(美国)
10 开火车(匈牙利)
11 小勇士星仔(日本)
12 老爷爷请戒烟(台湾)
13 小白船(朝鲜)
14 我的小鸡(阿塞拜疆)
15 唐吉诃德(西班牙)
16 小星星亮晶晶(法国)
17 划船歌(印尼)
18 我的小猫(突尼斯)
19 鞋匠歌(丹麦)
20 胡说歌(美国)
21 变形金刚(日本)
22 快乐的山娃娃(德国)
23 我有个愿望

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