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Popular Western Children's Songs in Chinese 2 (1 CD)

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This CD collects 22 lovely children's songs from Western countries such US, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Japan, Norway, and other countries. These all-time favorites work so well with kids. Many of them can be used as TPR-based activities (Total Physical Responce), so that you and your younger learners could have some fun moving around. Sung in Chinese, you and your child can enjoy these Western songs in Chinese.

This CD can be played at home, in the car, or by a portable CD player, making it a wonderful tool for any parents interested in teaching Chinese to their young children.

This volume includes:

01 小小世界(美国)
02 红蜻蜓(日本)
03 铃儿响叮当(美国)
04 巴巴爸爸(德)
05 红河谷(加拿大)
06 牧童(斯洛伐克)
07 我驾着马车上市场(印尼)
08 小小少年(德国)
09 噢!苏珊娜(美国)
10 生日快乐(美国)
11 山脉中的家
12 多来咪(美国)
13 橱窗里的小狗(美国)
14 保尔的母鸡(挪威)
15 小红帽(巴西)
16 哩哩哩(朝鲜)
17 薄雪花(美国)
18 友谊永芬芳
19 夏天最后的一朵玫瑰(爱尔兰)
20 欢乐颂(德国)
21 友谊地久天长(苏格兰)
22 祝你圣诞快乐(英国)

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