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Aesop's Fables in Chinese and English: I Like Candies (1 Bilingu

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I Like Candies is one of the most popular Korean children's picture book series Aesop’s Theater Philosophical Fables, an excellent selection of 10 popular Aesop's fables perfect for babies and young children.

Philosophical Fables are creative fables which foster children’s thinking ability by using the original book, Aesop’s Fables. Teaching philosophy to children is not about teaching specific philosophers’ theories, but about developing thinking ability and giving them a sound sense of values and personality.

Therefore, each Philosophical Fable has two stories. The first is a well-known story from Aesop’s Fables, and the second is a creative fable that deals with the same philosophical theme as the first story. By reading the stories, children can think independently about a diverse range of philosophical subjects. Furthermore, with the various activities at the end of each Philosophical Fable, children can organize their ideas and express their thoughts.

The set comes with an Chinese/English cartoon "the Swollen Fox" in DVD. The cartoon is a 3D animation which deals with the philosophical themes from Aesop’s Fables. Each cartoon episode lasts approximately 10 minutes.

This set helps children to learn Chinese and English via eyes (books) and watching (DVD). It is a perfect way to learn efficiently with lots of fun!

《伊索寓言双语童话剧院(第2辑)(套装全10册)》是一套值得鞠萍姐姐推荐的好书;韩国最新3D立体制作技术; 《伊索寓言》的全新诠释;让孩子乐在其中的经典寓言故事;中英双语故事书+中英双语动画片光盘=知识性+趣味性;新闻出版部们与文化部门强强联手、重磅推出。



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